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Dicas de medição para garantir o melhor ajuste



Com os braços laterais, coloque a fita métrica sob os braços e passe-a pela parte mais larga do busto e pelas costas.



Encontre o vinco natural da sua cintura, dobrando-se para um lado. Executar fita métrica em torno de sua cintura natural, mantendo um dedo entre a fita e seu corpo para um ajuste confortável.



Com os pés juntos, passe a fita métrica ao redor da parte mais larga dos quadris, cerca de 17 cm a 20 cm abaixo da linha da cintura.



Para calças compridas,passe a fita métrica ao longo do interior da perna, de baixo da virilha até cerca de 2,5 cm abaixo do tornozelo.

PP78 CM A 82 CM58 CM A 62 CM82 CM A 86 CM
P84 CM A 88 CM 64 CM A 68 CM 88 CM A 92 CM
M90 CM A 94 CM70 CM A 74 CM94 CM A 98 CM
G96 CM A 100 CM 76 CM A 80 CM 100 CM A 104 CM
GG (48)102 CM A 106 CM 82 CM A 86 CM 106 CM A 110 CM
XGG (50)108 CM A 112 CM 88 CM A 92 CM 112 CM A 116 CM
XXGG (52)114 CM A 116 CM 94 CM A 98 CM 118 CM A 122 CM

Todas as medidas estão em centímetros.

Pandora mustard knit teds strap blouse



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Pandora mustard knit teds strap blouse

The Pandora mustard knit ted strap blouse is a light and delicate piece. The blouse has wide straps and can be worn with bra, it will not be apparent. It is slightly waisted, giving the body a light and cool shape. The fabric is a light and fluid knit, allowing the skin to breathe. It is available in sizes P, M and G.

  • mustard
  • 65% polyester and 35% viscose
  • It can be washed in the machine as long as placed in a specific bag for washing.
  • Beware of necklaces and bracelets, the fabric is delicate.
  • Made in Brazil

Style suggestion

This blouse has more elegant airs, so it gives a simple jeans a more tidy look. It can be used for work and looks great with tailoring pieces such as full-bodied fabric pants. For a stripped-down look, pair with a linen pair and trim the look with a pair of sneakers or a moccasin. This stripped-down look is ideal for a light lunch or dinner or social events held in the afternoon.


P – Bust 84 cm | Waist 88 cm| Length 60 cm

M – Bust 90 cm | Waist 94 cm| Length 61 cm

G – Bust 96 cm | Waist 100 cm| Length 62 cm

Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 cm


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