A versatile brand

Zannt was founded in 2013, from the desire of its founder, Fernanda Zanuto, to do something different, that would make sense to women all over the world. Before founding the brand, Fernanda worked for seven years in the fashion market, creating women’s products for major luxury brands in Brazil. These years of work have given her the experience needed to found an assertive and creative brand. “During this period working for several different brands, I realized that a keen eye was missing to deliver to the woman something she needed: comfort, style and fashion information”. This is how Zannt came about, a 100% Brazilian brand, with products of its own manufacture and brazilian material.

From Brazil to the world

Zannt was born to be international. With a timeless and permanent design, the brand’s collections started to draw the attention of consumers outside Brazil. Zannt was the ONLY Brazilian swimwear brand chosen to participate in the renowned London website of new designers Not Just a Label, with its collection marketed on the international portal.

‘It has always been a particular desire of mine to take the name of Brazil to the world, and to make the country a reference of style and quality for beach fashion. Selling to other countries has become part of the brand’s DNA. ‘ Says Fernanda, the brand’s creative director.

The founder

Fernanda Zanuto

Fernanda was born in São Paulo and grew up in the city of São Bernardo do Campo. Daughter of metallurgical parents, she graduated in fashion business in 2008, starting her career in fashion in her second year of college in 2006.

In 2013, at the age of 25, she founded the Zannt brand. Passionate about fashion images, graphic arts and museums, her universe of creating new products is always wide. Her inspirations can arise from simple, day-to-day actions, always being attentive to social changes. Altogether, there are 15 years of work in the fashion area. All these years of experience have given Fernanda the necessary baggage to develop fair production processes, which has become one of the pillars of Zannt’s work.

The Reversible swimwear Art

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