Shipping Procedures – Corona Virus


We at Zannt are strictly following the World Health Organization's guidelines for shipments. All employees are being monitored and, at any sign of symptom, remain at home until the possibility of infection is ruled out. Our employees remain working in the home office, so they remain safe.

To make the shipment, disposable gloves are used until the entrance of the stock, where they are taken. From then on, the pieces are separated and the package is made. After that, the package is taken to the post office.

Please note that shipments are made twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, which can go beyond our shipping deadline of up to one business day.


When we receive the exchange pieces, they stay out of our ecommerce for 15 days (time recommended by WHO). The exchange pieces are in a separate and insulated box during this period, so there is no possibility of contagion.

We will maintain safety procedures until they are reviewed by who or amended. The safety of our employees and customers comes first.